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Мы предлагаем удобный сервис для тех, кто хочет купить – продать: земельный участок, дом, квартиру, коммерческую или элитную недвижимость в Крыму. http://crimearealestat.ucoz.ru/ Перепечатка материалов разрешена только при условии прямой гиперссылки http://allmedicine.ucoz.com/




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Мы предлагаем удобный сервис для тех, кто хочет купить – продать: земельный участок, дом, квартиру, коммерческую или элитную недвижимость в Крыму. http://crimearealestat.ucoz.ru/


Health of the Nation - the main priority of society!

Medical education portal for patients, students, applicants, students, practitioners, graduate students, scientists!

For all who are interested in medicine!

We work for you!

• Information line: +38 0983585300 (from 9:00 to 20:00)

Twenty-first century medicine has decided a number of problems that previously seemed to be unresolved, and retreated to the back issues of infectious diseases, improved quality of care for mothers and children. At the same time, questions remain diseases of civilization. Diabetes mellitus, obesity, allergies, cancer pathology progresses in spite of the efforts of local and foreign scientists in the field of medicine. In this situation, foreign and domestic doctors must improve their skills, acquire new knowledge to improve the quality of medical care. Much depends on the quality of the medical education and knowledge obtained in the public schools. The medical profession requires a high degree of motivation of the applicants desire to help people.

The education system in Ukraine adopted common abroad, "Bologna system" of the confirmation of knowledge. We hope that this approach will improve the quality of professional knowledge and continue to provide highly qualified local physicians.

At the heart of any medical research must live. Daily creative approach, monitoring of new developments in medicine, self knowledge and skills - that's the only way to present a doctor who treats his profession with love.

To date, there are many areas in medicine, there are trends of consolidation of knowledge of classical and alternative medicine, which focus on healing the patient. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, acupuncture techniques, bioregulyatornaya medicine Antihomotoxic medicine fungoterapiya - that's probably one of the promising areas of alternative medicine. Each of the areas of alternative medicine has a great knowledge in need of reconsideration in accordance with the tireless advances of medicine in general. Expanding world of medical professionals will find a solution until the outstanding issues, which are usually located at the intersection of science and medicine areas.

Dear visitors, we constantly strive to bring you a lot of interesting information about topical medicine. Judging by the number of site visits, our work is not done nothing. On the home page, we have described our idea of ​​opening clinics bioregulyatornoy medicine in the Crimea. Those wishing to provide financial assistance for the clinic and purchase medical equipment, can take advantage of our bank account or contact us by phone above. In advance thank you for great understanding and response to our request.

Dear posetitili site! We are grateful for all possible will support the site. All funds raised will be spent on modernization and development of the site and site content articles which are so necessary nashim visitors. We get a lot of questions, suggestions, comments on site content. We promise that all suggestions, comments will be considered!

We work for you!

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