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Мы предлагаем удобный сервис для тех, кто хочет купить – продать: земельный участок, дом, квартиру, коммерческую или элитную недвижимость в Крыму. //crimearealestat.ucoz.ru/



Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid



Indications: In the theatment of constipaton or in the evacuation of the bowel or any other condition in which a short-term laxative treatment is desired as, for example, in geriatric practice where constipation of chronic, atonic, spastic or irritable bowel etiology may be encountered.

            Fibrepur is also indicated for the prophylaxis and treatment of acute constipation and in the management of patients with episiotomy wound, thrombosed hemorrhoids, fissures, or peri-anal abscess, body wall and diaphragmatic hernia, anorectal stenosis or post myocardial infarction. May be used during pregnancy and post-partum to help restore normal bowel function or to avoid straining should hemorrhoids be present.

Contraindications: Bulk forming products such as Fibrepur are not indicated for use in patients with oesophageal obstruction, while laxative products in general are contraindicated in patients with symptoms of acute abdomen, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction and in patients with undiagnosed gastrointestinal bleeding.

Warnings:  Laxative products are intended for short-term treatment only and should not be routinely employed for longer than 1 week without professional supervision. Overuse or extended use may result in habituation in some patients. Chronic use of laxative products may reduce serum potassium values by promoting potassium loss from the gastrointestinal tract. Blood glucose values may be elevated following extended laxative use.

Precautions: Laxatives in general should not be used in children under 6 years of age without proper physical examination because such patients may frequently provide unreliable symptom description, and because proper diagnosis should preceed the use of any drug product in this age group.

            Patients taking any laxative product should be properly instructed on the use of any possible, concomitant prescribed medication. Bulk laxatives, such as Fibrepur, may reduce the intestinal transit time and this may reduce the absorption of other drug products taken simultaneously.

Dosage: Following the recommended dose, the effect of Fibrepur  is usually apparent within 24 hours. In some patients, 2 to 3 days dosing, or longer, may be required to achieve the full effect.

            Fibrepur has no sugar added to the product and contains less than 0,2 mEq sodium/teaspoonful. The product can therefore be administered to patients who are limited as to dietary intake of both sugar and/or sodium.

Adults: Use 1 rounded teaspoonful (approx. 6g) powder, mixed well with approx. 250 ml ( 1 glass) of palatable liquid, 1 to 3 times  daily. Follow each dose with a further glass of palatable liquid in order to promote the action of Fibrepur. Alternatively, use as directed by the physician.

Children: Use only in children of 6 years  of age or over. Use one half the recommended adult dose or as directed by the physician. Fibrepur is not recommended in children uder 6 years of age without first consulting a physician.

Supplied: Each rounded teaspoonful (6 g) of light brown powder. Security package plastic canisters of 300g  net, filed by weight. No added sweeteners, preservatives, colorants or flavors.

            Store in original container, with the cap tightly closed, in a dry place at room temperature, below 250 C. Do not use beyond expiry date printed on container.

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